I know what you’re probably thinking: “Wow, she’s pretty negative”. In the next few sentences, allow me to explain. We are our weakest link if we allow ourselves to be. This can be liberating but can also be imprisoning. The choice is ours.

Many times, when things go wrong in our lives, we look to people, situations and even dig deep into our past to find reasons why. We scramble to repair our outward selves to change our outcomes.

We believe, that if we just surrounded ourselves with better people, if we just made more money, if we just had an easier past, that we’d be further along in life. If you can relate to thinking and feeling this way, have you ever considered that you may have attracted many of these unfortunate situations in your life? Or that, the trials that we are faced with only exist long enough to make us stronger?

You Are the Weakest Link

When things are going crazy around us, it may not be the time to go into fix everything else and everyone else mode. Maybe it’s time we look within; look in the mirror. See what’s going on inside of us that may need changing. Is it time to start asking questions about the state of our mind and spirit? Have you ever asked yourself: Where am I spiritually? Am I nurturing and cultivating my core beliefs? Have I forgiven others and myself? Do I even love myself deeply and truly? These are questions that inspire change from within.

What i have learned?

I’ve learned that when things aren’t looking good in my life, the best place to start is in the mirror. Maybe it’s time I do some shaping up from the inside out. It’s not my circle to blame, it’s not my past, but it’s what I’m doing with what I have in my hands to do right now. I’ve accepted responsibility that I’m where I am only because of me and only I can get in my own way.

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I invite you to join a positive movement where we’re changing lives one at a time from the inside out.

This blog post was inspired by the i am a brand 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Peace and love,

Dallas Gordon