Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! This post is my personal recommendation for an eCommerce platform. I know there are a lot of different platforms out there and I tried almost all of them. And out of all that I’ve tried, Shopify is the best so far!

So here’s a tip: when looking for a platform for your business website, ask yourself: “What am I looking to achieve?” I realize we all have very different goals. You may sell mainly handmade items, and it may make sense for your business when just starting out to sell from a popular marketplace such as Etsy to up your traffic and sales. If you are a serious business owner who wants to eventually have a following and a substantial amount of traffic, at some point it may be wise to invest in your business by educating yourself on topics related to eCommerce and your niche, and making plans to have your own website. Shopify is a very powerful tool especially for online retail businesses like my own.

Some features I love: They offer easy to use customizable templates paid and free, responsive customer service, a wealth of free information via the Shopify Blog, SEO optimized platform, forums, Facebook support for business owners and more! They really support you and your business and that is felt! I would say, if you are online as a business and not taking advantage of these tools, you may possibly be missing out on something great! Be sure to subscribe to the Shopify Blog and check out all they have to offer!

If you’re ready to slay on Shopify, start your FREE trial HERE.

If you have any great tips or would like to suggest any other platforms please feel free to comment below! I would love to hear from you!

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Dallas Gordon