Do you believe in visualizing to attract more of what you desire. Visualizing has literally changed my life. Many of the things and people that are now in my life are those that I had previously imagined would be here.

As children, we are encouraged to use our imaginations in every day life. As we enter adulthood, imagining seems to become less and less popular. We are told to focus on reality, not to dream too much; to get our head out of the clouds. Imagining is the very thing that can bring our hopes and dreams closer to us.

When we visualize, we see ourselves standing in the shoes of the person we want to be, traveling the places we’ve always dreamed, achieving the unthinkable. We feel the emotions we would feel if we were currently experiencing these things right now.

This is why visualizing is very powerful.

We are training our minds to think and feel in this present moment, as if these things we desire have already happened in our lives. These feelings; this pleasant state of mind, attracts these situations into our reality.

Visualization and Manifesting the Life You Want

Day and night, I take a few moments to visualize my life and the day that lays before me in a positive light. I allow these positive feelings to run through my body and mind. After visualizing, I’ve noticed my days are more pleasant and I even rest more peacefully at night. I’ve attracted plenty of blessings into my life by simply taking time to imagine, just as I did when I was a kid. I find it exciting that the world is a playground filled with infinite blessings just waiting to make their way for a perfect landing into our laps.

What have you manifested in your life lately?

How are you using the power of visualization to manifest your dreams and desires? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed reading this, I invite you to give it a clap.

Until next time,

Dallas Gordon