As we know, holidays are quickly approaching. Things get crazy and hectic this time of year as shoppers begin to panic and worry about getting items to their family members on time.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when prepping your online store for the holidays:

China Dropshipping Shopify:

If you are dropshipping from China: you may want to keep your most hot-selling items in stock and ship these yourself or locate U.S. suppliers. eBay is a great place to find suppliers.

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Chinese New Year is quickly approaching. Communicate with your suppliers and ask if they will be available to ship items during this time.
This process goes smoothly when you make preparation for this time.

If you aren’t able to find suppliers for hot-selling items, be sure to update your store information to reflect the new holiday shipping times so that customers can be aware of what to expect.

Dropshipping from within the U.S

If you are dropshipping from the U.S. – It may be a good thing to the contact suppliers of your best selling items and ask them about holiday shipping times and stock/availability. Make sure that your best-sellers are fully stocked for the holidays and that suppliers promise to ship fast and have speedy processing times during the holiday season.

Amazon Selling

AMAZON sellers! This is a great time to do FBA. If you are going to dropship during the holidays, it may be wise to hire a trained team to handle orders. If you have to handle orders you may want to have an exit plan until the holidays past. For instance, set store to vacation last day of November.

I’d say that FBA is the best option because Amazon can handle packaging, shipping and handling customers complaints for you. All you have to do is COLLECT.

eBay Sellers

eBay Sellers! – Be sure you’re monitoring stocks daily. A great tool I use for managing stocks (not the perfect tool but a solution) is SkuGrid. It’s a bad feeling when you have to email a customer a crazy story to convince them to cancel an order. Just whatever you do, if you have to cancel an order, check out the sample letter inside my private eComm Facebook Group file section. Do not tell the customer it’s because you’re out of stock. It’s against eBay’s policies.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment with questions below.

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Dallas Gordon