4 days until my birthday. Still counting down! I’m reflecting back over the year and I’m counting my blessings and my accomplishments. Many times, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We focus on our shortcomings and in doing so, our strengths are overshadowed.

I remember, back when I was just a girl. Nothing made me happier than to feel my dad was proud of me. I just wanted to be a winner in my dad’s eyes. Many little girls grow up this way. Striving for the approval of those they love. We aim to please our parents and will do anything to hear that a job was well done. As I became a woman, the approval of others meant less and less to me. I’ve had to realize that everyone won’t be happy with you all the time. Everyone won’t clap for your success. There are certain choices we make in life that won’t meet the approval of those around us, but we still have to do what we feel is best and take a leap.

This Year, I'm Clapping

Sometimes people won’t acknowledge us when and how we think they should. Sometimes people refuse to support our businesses or whatever else in our lives that requires support. Some will look down on us no matter what we do.

I've learned along the way to focus less on those who aren't rooting for me and be grateful for those that do.

The good news:

Our showing up or not showing up for ourselves doesn’t have to be based on whether people support us. We can show up for ourselves. We can show up for what we are purposed to do. I’ve learned not to always seek the approval of others, but to clap for myself.

What are you clapping for today? What have you accomplished this year that makes you proud?

For me, this year has been quite a rough one but I’m proud to say I’m taking this year out with a bang. Here are just a few of my accomplishments I’m clapping for this year:

– I’ve grown my influence, built new business relationships and made new friends
– I’m ending the year with the publishing of my new book! I’m super excited about the launch
– I’ve started two new communities this year and as a result, lives were changed, opportunities created and many inspired
– I made much more time for my family this year, I may have taken a few hits in my productivity but nothing is more important than cherishing moments with those you love

I invite you to share some of your accomplishments of the year below in comments. I’d love to clap for you!

Until next time,

Dallas Gordon