Do You Ever Feel Like a Failure? Wondering How You Can Pick Yourself Up When You Feel Like You’re Failing? Many times we get tired of feeling like a failure. There are moments we may feel that everything we do seems pointless and doesn’t make a  difference. Even when we continue to try, it appears as if the results are the same. Did you know that failure is only a temporary change in direction which sets us up for our next success? Have you noticed the common trend? When we hold a negative image of ourselves, fаilure happens?

Things To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

It may not be easy to overcome the fear of failure, but once we build up the confidence to face our fears, we’ll achieve much more. We’re only failing if we make the choice to remain defeated once we have the opportunity to rise. Failing happens, and is apart of life. Just because we fail from time to time, doesn’t make us a failure. True failure is when we stop trying and simply give up. I encourage you to discontinue over-obsessing about failing and shift focus towards facing your fears.

Check out the video below. I discuss changing your perspective in times you feel that all is falling apart:

Thanks for watching! Have you ever felt like everything was falling apart or suffered with the fear of failing? If so, how did you face these challenges and overcome? I’d love to hear from you!

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Dallas Gordon