I love waking up to the smell of fresh funds in my PayPal account:) It’s a great start to the day! Better than my morning coffee ☕. These sales excite me, even more so when they’re “strange” (as I like to call them).

I know you may be wondering, “what are strange funds?” I’m sure you’re also hoping these funds aren’t illegal:) I can assure you these funds are completely legit.

Strange funds definition:

dds the most unlikely item to the cart and hits the buy button.

Strange Funds

I love earning this type pay and I don’t exaggerate when I say, these “strange” items make me the most money. I always teach my eComm students to add these peculiar items to their stores because the weirdest things sell most.

Want to know the secret sauce for finding hot-selling items or creating offers that your customers can’t resist?

Think outside of the box. You know that thought you entertained for a second and then buried it in the back of your mind? It’s that one you should go with! Give it a shot. Your findings just may surprise you.

Some of the ugliest, most unwanted, unappealing, strangest, weirdest things (in my mind) go viral! I’m amazed every time I sell one of these items. The next time you come across an item you think no one would want (and this goes for services too), don’t second guess yourself. It could just be your next best-seller:)

Have you gotten any strange funds lately? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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Let’s win! ??

Dallas Gordon