Would you like to propel your business through quick and easy steps simply by using Pinterest? How? Pinterest is a powerful platform that transforms all business owners from being a cat into a growling tiger. If you are sweating while trying to drive traffic to your business then you may be interested in creating a Pinterest business account. It is a great traffic source for my businesses.

Here are a few easy steps on how to set up your Pinterest business account today:

Set Up a Pinterest Business Account in a Few Easy Steps

1. Sign up for a Pinterest business account. Take advantage of this free traffic while it’s still free for business owners. Easily register with your email address and you’ll be on your way.

2. Get your logo and your profile set up. Be sure your logo is clear and you take time to fully complete your profile. Remember, it’s how you will represent your business on Pinterest.

3. Create those boards. Select things that are related to your business and add something that best represents your interest. *Tip: Check out other businesses similar to yours on Pinterest and take note of their marketing strategies.

4. Support people that are feeding their accounts. Follow enthusiastic pinners who love to pin things and do so often. Eventually, they will begin to promote your pins for you.

5. Be a goal getter. A single action can yield multiple results.

Algorithms on social media platforms are constantly changing but if you increase your knowledge and diversify marketing platforms, you won’t have to get stuck. Start with the basics before learning advanced strategies. Pinterest is a great way to skyrocket your business. The more you interact, the more you can understand and drill into the power of Pinterest that is waiting for you.

Right now, business and personal profiles have similar features, but business profiles have access to Pinterest Analytics.

Here’s a quick video tutorial that will help you showcase your desired business on Pinterest and a few extra bonus tricks for dominating Pinterest traffic:

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below and I’d love to help!

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