Every single day of the year my daughter Priya counts down to her special day. She dreams of what it will be like to be one year older. Each day she asks the same question, “Is my birthday almost here?” This year, I decided to unleash “That Girl Bakes” and throw her a birthday party to remember.

I have a part-time event planning & cake design business that I don’t run most of the time because I’m much to busy with my “eComm Cash Queen” duties. I love baking and making things look beautiful. Most of all, I love the reaction on someone’s face when they walk into the event of their dreams. I had the pleasure of making my baby’s day great and it was the best feeling in the world.

I’d like to give you give a behind-the-scenes view of what party planning at “That Girl Bakes” looks like and all that goes in to pulling off one of these shindigs.

Here we go!

The Idea

I decided to give my girl a unicorn party this year. I personally, am obsessed with them (don’t judge me). I just love all things unicorn and glitter. Her favorite cartoon at the moment is My Little Pony, so I thought this theme would be perfect.

I normally begin party planning by creating a visual board of all my ideas on Pinterest. I like to gather my ideas for a party all in one place. Once I do this, I’m ready to begin narrowing down my ideas.

The Colors

I typically decide on a color scheme early on and for this party I decided on a colorful theme of Purple, Pink, Blue and White with sparkles of gold and silver.


I then decide what activities the party will include. What’s my events theme? Will there be any games? I make sure to order everything I need to bring these ideas to life. About a month or two prior to the event date I like to begin gathering all supplies and items needed.


I began placing my orders of all the frilly items I wanted to include for the party. I try to have as many things pre-made as possible but I almost always end up having to craft many of the items myself to get the effect I’m going for.

The Challenge: 

What tends to make Party planning a bit more complicated for me is that I also provide all the baking. Many tasks can’t be done prior to the week of the event so it’s very challenging to work day and night on the planning and baking within the same week. I normally recruit family members to help pull everything off. My mom, husband, son and I work as a great team.

The result!

I won’t continue on with every detail but I wanted to share photos of my creations with you and memories from Priya’s Magical Unicorn Party. The absolute best part was seeing her smile and she gave me the biggest hug and kiss ever! I couldn’t ask for a more magical moment.

Pictured below:

  • Cupcake decorating Table
  • Unicorn Treat Bags
  • Tutu Table Skirt
  • Paper Flower & Ballon Backdrop
  • Glittered Paper Mache Unicorn
  • Unicorn Cake & Candy Table
  • Pin the horn on the Unicorn Game
  • Photo Booth
  • Snack Table
  • Unicorn Milk Bottles & Bow Decorated Drinking Straws


Thanks for checking out Priya’s Magical Birthday Party! For more pictures and party inspiration please like my page HERE.

Magical wishes and pixie dust,

Dallas Gordon