A few years ago, it seemed everyone was going natural. The natural movement hit like an epidemic. Just like any other trend, everyone was doing it.

Even some of my closest friends were “Team natural”. They were raving to me about the big chop and growing their hair out naturally. I swore that it would never be me. I’d tried going naturаl once or twice back in high school, but didn’t stick with it too long. Before I knew it, I was right back to relaxing my hair and doing all the things that made me feel physically comfortable.

As I’ve matured in age and in awareness, my desire for wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin has grown. I no longer desired to look like the girls in magazines, i no longer cared about competing with the girl that walked into a room.

I just wanted to be me and embrace all that I am.

My curiosity about going natural Increased. I began asking questions about natural hair as I crossed paths with women who had natural hair that I admired. They would openly share stories with me, how long they had been on this journey and hair care tips for caring for the hair in its natural state.

My Natural Journey and What Made Me Take the Leap

Honestly, I was terrified to take the leap and embrace my natural look. I’ve realized that going natural is not just about the outward physical appearance. It’s actually a shift in perception and perspective. It’s an undoing of what the media has persuaded us to believe about what “true beauty” really looks like and it’s an entire mindset change. My going natural would mean that I would have to accept myself “as I am” and see myself as beautiful without all the additions. Without synthetics and artificials, loads of makeup; loads of anything more than just me. I have realized that I don’t “have” to add anything to myself to be absolutely beautiful in my own skin.

Going natural

Going natural for me just hasn’t stopped at my hair. It’s also affected the way I eat. Not only did I take the leap with natural hair, but I’ve also decided to become vegan over the last few months as well. The experience has been liberating.

What made me take the leap and shift all of a sudden? I got sick and tired of competing with what the world says I “should be” and how “society” says I should look. The way I was born into the world wasn’t flawed, instead, the way that the media portrays us is indeed very flawed. I was born into this world perfect “as-is”. I wasn’t born here with any additions to “make me” beautiful. As I grow, I’m losing the desire to put anything in or on my body that doesn’t belong there. It’s a total transformation.

While I realize this journey isn’t for everyone, I just wanted to share my own.

My recent decisions have made me feel even more liberated and confident in my own skin.

Confidence and security within yourself; knowing who you are is something that no one can take from you. It’s yours. I’m excited about this new journey I’m on and happy that I decided to embrace the new me!

Feel free to share your experience with going natural or healthy eating and living below. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading:)

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Dallas Gordon