Businesses cannot afford not to use Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the easiest and most effortless way to get traffic to your website. Pinterest users, buy! It’s just that simple. As I always say, they come, they see; they buy. Pinterest has more ready-to-buy users than most other platforms. Are you currently on Pinterest, but your pins seem to lack the juice they need to go viral? Let’s take care of that.

Here are some rockstar tips to jumpstart your Pinterest business account and make your pins go viral:

3 Traffic Strategies to Make Your Pins Go Viral

1. Consistency is very important.

One good way to be consistent is to add the Pinterest application to your phone. Start pinning things that you are interested in and take small actions on a daily routine. You don’t have to sit one whole day to do it, pin at least five items and find out what the peak hours are. There are even some applications that you may use to automate the process.

2. Be intentional.

Follow pinners who are constantly pinning, and help them to do the work for you. Pinterest will send traffic to accounts that are active and whose boards are packed with valuable content. Collaborate with pinners that have large followings and boards that your followers may like.

3. Get in the know.

Pinterest provides analytics that can read information about your visitors. It is a quick way to learn what people want and use this knowledge to capitalize. You don’t have to figure out everything by yourself when there are experts right within your reach who can help you hit your target.

Pinterest is a great platform to diversify your business. Join lots of groups and don’t just mindlessly pin things. Let the power of connection have its way. Learn how to crack the Pinterest code and make it happen for your business.

Pins are ideas people find and save from around the web.

This video will help you learn strategies on how to make your pins go viral.

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