I know you’ve heard the saying, “less is more“. Sometimes I’ve heard sayings and even used them without really experiencing the meaning for myself. “Less is more” is one of those sayings that has become meaningful to me this year.

In the recent past, I’ve approached my work and my everyday life piling loads on my to-do list and feeling I’ve failed time and time again after realizing I could only scratch just a few things off the list. I’ve gone weeks at a time feeling unaccomplished and unproductive. I’ve realized, this is no way to go.

Less is More

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned this year is: “Less is More”. It’s not about how much you do, but more about how often and consistently you show up and get the job done. I’ve begun narrowing my tasks down to only 3 major tasks a day. Not only have I increased my productivity but I also feel more fulfilled in my work and have achieved more balance in my work and personal life and activities.

Often times, we just need to slow down. We think that in order to accomplish more, we need to do more. I’ve found this just isn’t true. I accomplish way more by slowing down, pacing myself and adding less tasks to my to-do-list than trying to accomplish 50 tasks each day.

I’d love to hear about your experience with this. Please feel free to drop me a comment below.

Until next time,

Dallas Gordon