Sometimes I sit and admire my children. They’re full of so much laughter, energy; just carefree. Each time they open their little eyes and see a new day, they release something magical in the air. As time flies by, I struggle to hold onto my own childhood memories. Each year my childhood grows further and further away from me.We are born into this world without a care. Without a reason to be angry. Without a reason to feel hateful towards anyone. In a child’s eyes, the world is a playground full of opportunities; filled with limitless possibilities. As we grow older that playground becomes smaller and many of us lose our childlike faith, which can result in a loss of joy.

What Joy Looks Like

I’ve learned so much about what joy looks like just watching my children. They wake up chasing one another, playing, laughing; running through the hallways and up and down the staircase. When morning arrives, they become excited for no particular reason at all, just full of life and laughter. When they fall down and scrape their knee, a simple kiss and hug will cheer them up and send them going again. It’s as if their joy is restored with each new morning. They approach each day with such a zest for life. They have that free-spirit I admire. They’ll dance in public and break out in giggles for no reason at all.

Just what if…

What if we could carry that same childlike energy with us each and everyday? What if I told you that we could awaken the child within and sustain that joy throughout our entire lifelong journey? Just what if we could approach every single day of life with absolute anticipation and determination? Just what would the day look like if we allowed our inner child to live a little?

What’s holding you back?

Why not try something new? Why not take a leap? Why not laugh for no reason? Why not dance in the streets? Why not walk to our own beat? Why not accomplish the impossible?

Here’s what joy looks like for me:

My aim is to approach each and every day with the same childlike faith, unspeakable joy, and fearlessness I see every single day within my children. I commit to waking up with excitement and joy in my heart. I commit to viewing life with fire in my eyes, facing each challenge with the wind beneath my wings and conquering triumphantly. I commit to keeping that childlike spark alive.

When we expect something great to happen and meet each day with joy and expectation, we’ll attract more reasons to be grateful into our lives.

Will you take this challenge with me? What does joy look like to you? If you’ve enjoyed reading this, I invite you to clap it up and give it a share.

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Until next time,

Dallas Gordon