One common struggle for entrepreneur is our tendency to rush too much and work too much. Many of us get caught up on how big we build it and how fast we build it. We race about competing for first place. When racing, we often lose sight of our purpose and become unnecessarily stressed and unbalanced.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quotes: “Slow and steady wins the race”, “Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up”, or “It’s not about finishing first, it’s about finishing strong.” One thing my dad used to say repeatedly when he saw me rushing and frustrated was, “Sweetie, you can’t build Rome in one day. Slow down.” It annoyed me each time he said it, but deep down inside, I knew he was right.

Slow is Better than NO - The importance of Pacing Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Even though I know better, I still buckle under the pressure from time to time and slip back into the habits of a workaholic. I’ll get distracted while busying myself with meaningless tasks that I believe will get me ahead the fastest. Because of this tendency, I’d developed poor work habits such as disorganization, not following-through, and lack of focus. Too often, I felt overstressed and overworked. I have learned the hard way the importance of slowing down, narrowing down the scope of work and focusing strong intention on the task at hand. When I slow down and focus, so much more is accomplished and I feel more positive about my achievements.

Slow is Better than NO – The importance of Pacing Yourself as an Entrepreneur

At times, I find it wise to work at a slower pace than those around me. It’s impossible to look over our shoulders and compare results with others because no two people are the same nor are their set of circumstances. It’s best to run in our own lane and focus ahead. Even if it seems to take you longer, slow consistent action is better than no action at all. Maintaining a focus is much better than being scatter brained while working. I believe as entrepreneur, it’s super important to create as much balance in our work schedules as possible and remember that slow is better than doing nothing at all.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you. Have you struggled with moving too fast as an entrepreneur? Drop me a comment below.

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