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In this blog post, I am going to teach you how to pin to Pinterest. The good news: It’s very simple!

First, let’s talk about what a pin is. So a pin is an image from a website that’ll lead you to valuable information may it be a product, service or a blog post.

How do you pin from a website? Easy! Just download the Pinterest Save It button extension for Google Chrome and you’re good to go. Whenever you go to a website and you come across an image, you can just hover on the image and a “Save It” will appear. From there you can pin it to Pinterest at the click of a button!

You also have the option to like the pin, share it to your Facebook account, Facebook messenger or copy a direct URL and paste it wherever you like!

How to Pin to Pinterest

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But since Pinterest is all about visual images, you need to make your images as engaging as possible. One free photo editing platform I recommend is Canva. Canva has plenty of pre-sized templates made especially for Pinterest.

Here’s the video version of how to pin to pinterest:

Haven’t pinned to Pinterest yet? Go for it! Let me know how you made out or if any questions in comments!

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