I recently attended a networking event and realized that I didn’t have business cards to exchange with my new connections. I do almost 100% of my work online, but while attending this local event I realized the importance of business cards and why they are a great tool to exchange business information. After the networking event, I began researching mobile tools that would allow me to easily share my business info from my smartphone moving forward.

Over my years with being an online business owner, I’d convinced myself that I no longer needed business cards. Have you had the same perception of business cards? Mobile technology and advancements with smartphones are helping us to conduct business more efficiently. These improvements have also helped us to exchange information easily as we go out and network with others. Networking opportunities can occur at any time and can be more effective if we exchange our business contacts with other entrepreneurs. This is why I’m now convinced that business cards are a vital tool for presenting ourselves in a good light.

How to Create Virtual Business Cards and Use Them to Build Brand Awareness Online and Offline

Not everyone of us has a business card, and even if we do, we often forget. The Virtual business card, is now the standard for sharing contact information electronically.

These electronic business cards allow us to quickly share information on the go! I encourage you to check out this networking tool and see how it works for you!

In the video below I talk about how to create your own virtual business card that you can use to exchange information quickly and conveniently: 

Thanks for watching! Question? Do you believe that business cards are necessary today? Have you created your own virtual business card? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment below.

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