Holiday Gift guides are a great way to convert sales during the holiday season. Creating a gift guide can be a direct, high-converting option for displaying your offers to potential customers. Holiday Gift guides can be created with an image, a blog post or by requesting to have products added to another high-authority site that offers gift guides to visitors.

A gift guide is a very simple, quick and easy process.

Here are some simple steps for creating your hot-selling gift guide:

How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

1. Know your audience

Who are you creating the gift guide for? Perform a Google search and research what customers are looking for within your specific niche.

2. What type of gift guide will you create?

There are plenty of options for creating the gift guides. Decide whether you will create an image displaying the items you have for sale, a blog post or a guest post on another high-authority website. I suggest you hit all angles and do all three options.

3. How do I create a gift guide?

Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for! First, I suggest studying gift guide examples on Pinterest is a great place to research ideas that other businesses are having success with. Google Search is another great place to identify the gift guides and gift guide blog posts that are already out there. I use to design quick images to display my products or an eye-catching header image for the guide/post.

4. Now that I’ve created the guide how do I share?

The most important part is getting eyeballs on your guide right? No point in creating the guide if no one will find it. Be sure to share the holiday gift guide via your social media channels, market the guide to your email list, and contact influencers to share your items and guide.

Final Step: Rinse & Repeat!

Now that you’re the gift guide expert, all you have to do is repeat all steps above and take full advantage of the upcoming holidays.

Customers love gift guides because they are straight forward and people will always pay for convenience. Save your customers time and frustration, and watch the sales roll in!

Check out my video below where I show you step by steps how to create your Holiday Gift Guide in a flash


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Dallas Gordon