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About Me

This Year, I’m Clapping

4 days until my birthday. Still counting down! I’m reflecting back over the year and I’m counting my blessings and my accomplishments. Many times, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We focus on our shortcomings and in doing so, our strengths are overshadowed. I remember, back when I was just a girl. Nothing made me […]

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What Joy Looks Like

Sometimes I sit and admire my children. They’re full of so much laughter, energy; just carefree. Each time they open their little eyes and see a new day, they release something magical in the air. As time flies by, I struggle to hold onto my own childhood memories. Each year my childhood grows further and […]

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Priya’s 5th Unicorn Birthday Party ?

Every single day of the year my daughter Priya counts down to her special day. She dreams of what it will be like to be one year older. Each day she asks the same question, “Is my birthday almost here?” This year, I decided to unleash “That Girl Bakes” and throw her a birthday party […]

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My Natural Journey and What Made Me Take the Leap

A few years ago, it seemed everyone was going natural. The natural movement hit like an epidemic. Just like any other trend, everyone was doing it. Even some of my closest friends were “Team natural”. They were raving to me about the big chop and growing their hair out naturally. I swore that it would never […]

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