Have you ever felt like your audience isn’t growing quick enough? Have the business idea but you don’t have the audience to get started. In this article i will talk about “Building your Audience like a boss.”

No matter what platform your business is on, it’s always a foundational step to find your audience of patience followers. The more people you can reach on social media and other channels and the more consistently, the better the profit results you will achieve.

Here are some steps and questions to ask yourself to begin cultivating and growing a passionate audience of followers/buyers:

Growing Your Audience Like A Boss - Building an Online Presence Marketing

Building Your Audience Like A Boss – Building an Online Presence Marketing

1. Who is your ideal customer?

Who are they? Sometimes we overlook this question but we must take the time to identify who we’re looking to reach. Ask yourself, what does my ideal customer like to do? What are they passionate about? Do yourself a favor and research your ideal customer because it will transform your business for the better.

2. Start a movement.

Participate in groups and make some noise on social media. Remember, wherever there are masses of people, there will always be the need to consume/buy. Choose names for your social media profiles that would attract your ideal customer/passionate audience.

3. Grow your list with freebies.

Position yourself as an expert by providing tips, advice, and freebies (such as informational downloads).  Be specific, sit down and write down details about your target audience. Know their pain points so that you can hit them where it hurts.

Once you’ve built a community, your passionate audience will do the work for you by creating buzz and promoting your products.  Help your audience to help you by giving them what they want.

If you don't what you're looking for, they won't know how to find you.

Watch this video to uncover the importance of building an audience and learn some tricks to grow your community:

Thanks for watching! Are you still struggling with growing or finding your passionate audience? If so, feel free to drop me a comment below and I’d love to help!

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Dallas Gordon