I’m having a very good laugh at my title, and I see it’s intrigued you enough to read this post:) Today, I’m not “really” going to be sharing my tips for becoming Supermom! If I’m honest, I’m really not supermom at all. Supermom or superwoman is what many women in general (the moms and the aspiring moms) wish to be. We wear plenty of hats (often times too many) and try to make everyone happy. After a full day of juggling, at times we don’t feel very super at all.

As a mom-gone-entrepreneur, one of my greatest struggles has been balance. When I first quit my job, I not only had my business activities to tend to but also had my baby girl to care for, who is now 4 years old. Since then, we’ve added another precious addition, my youngest girl who is now 2 years old. Now, as i sit here writing this, I’m a proud mom of 3, a boy and 2 girls. They are my greatest accomplishments.

Being a mom is an experience like none other but can be bittersweet during times when finding balance is a challenge. Determining the perfect solution for juggling work and family perfectly can seem almost impossible. There are times I’ve felt unproductive and have become frustrated. I had set out to accomplish the world and by the end of my week the amount of things I’ve scratched off my list were shameful.

How to Become Supermom and Easily Manage Business and Family Life

I wish I could tell you how to become Supermom! I’m still learning how to find the perfect balance in my life and business. However, I can share how I’ve been able to achieve success in my business as a mompreneur, and how I’ve learned to juggle career & mommy duty without complete burnout! Sound good?

How to Become Supermom and Easily Manage Business and Family Life

1.  Pace Yourself 

Instead of putting a thousand things on your list, let’s start with just a few tasks. As moms (and as women in general), we tend to try taking on the world. Sometimes we fail at being the superwomen we’d like to be, and we feel pain from the failure of trying. Instead of going into your week with 100 things to do, how about we narrow down that list and work towards accomplishing just a few. A task a day, keeps the stress away. It’s better to accomplish something than to accomplish nothing at all.

2.  Life happens! So, embrace it!

I’ve experienced real down periods. I just felt disappointed and unproductive. Kids having the sniffles, field trips, and homework are things you just can’t plan for. The unexpected happens with kids. Sometimes, my schedule doesn’t feel like it’s “mine”. I have to embrace the now moment and be grateful. Maybe I didn’t clear 10 things off my list today, but i did do the greatest job I’ve been given in this world, and that’s caring for my kids. I’m grateful that i was able to be instrumental in bringing these little blessings into this life and I often remind myself that what I deposit into them is even more important than any business task.

3.  Family Over Everything.

When you put your family first, God will bless the rest! This goes for putting yourself first as well. My mom always taught me, not just in her words, but also by example to put my family first. Be faithful to those you’re responsible for & committed to, and there will be plenty of time and space to do what you need to. I’ve found this true too many times.

4.  Organize your life

I am by nature, a spontaneous person and dread too much organization, but with a family I’ve found it best to organize everything in my life. I have to schedule phone calls, broadcasts, social media posts, bedtime for kids, and set a hard start and end time for my work each day. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but I feel much better and much more productive when I buckle down and stay organized

5.  Just breathe!

There are moments when you just need to do nothing and just take a breath. You can’t be everywhere all the time and it’s okay to make time for a much needed break. Be sure to plan breaks each week and just breathe!

Hope these tips help!

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