Hey there, Cash Queens! I am going to talk about the first step of our Amazon Prep for QTR 1. Everybody talks about prepping for QTR 4, nobody talks about QTR 1. Some suggest to slow down, but for us go-getters, slowing down is never an option!

What does it mean to purge?

  • Anything that wasn’t working for your Amazon business, change it!
  • You can clear your whole store out and start over
  • Go through your listings and see which ones have been undercut
  • Make new plans and strategies
  • Identify issues with sourcing, pricing, cash flow, inventory keeping, etc.

Ask yourself: What are your goals for your business this year?

  • What apps can you incorporate? Can you hire help?
  • What is your strategy for 2017?
  • What solutions can you come up with for present and future problems?
  • What steps can be taken to improve the processing of your items?

Make sure to watch the video below for more details on the purge:

Let’s kick off our businesses this year the right way!

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Love lots,

Dallas Gordon