Are your customers buying from your website or are they just lurking? Undoubtedly, you have the product, the passion, and the idea. You may indeed have the website traffic, but what actually happens once people arrive?

Upon executing a variety of online marketing strategies, there’s nothing more dissatisfying than witnessing your visitors turn right back around and leave. Let’s fix that.

Here are a few quick website tweaks you can apply today to start converting lurkers into buyers!

5 Website Traffic Tweaks for Quick Conversions

5 Website Traffic Tweaks for Quick Conversions

1. Reliable host.

Make sure that your website host is secure, fast and safe. Customers may become frustrated with slow website loading times. If a visitor isn’t able to navigate pages quickly, they will leave.

2. White space.

Ensure that your website is fused with plenty of white space. This is standard for conversions so keep in mind how colors make people feel. If your website is too dark it may adversely affect your customers’ mood.

3. Social proof.

Show that your store is active and that people are shopping on your website. Customer reviews, links to social accounts, Instagram/Facebook feeds and apps are a great way to show this proof.

4. Satisfaction guarantee seals and badges.

When visitors come to your site, they are looking to be sure that your website is secure. Be sure that your website or host has a security certificate. When your site is encrypted it helps customers feel safe when purchasing. You can also guarantee safety by adding trust seals and badges to your website.

5. Shopping bag or cart.

The positioning and color of the buy button are very important. Assure that it is positioned eye level so that they can immediately navigate to the checkout page.

Website traffic is essential when looking to transform visitors into customers but there are website tips you can quickly apply to your online store or website for swift conversions. It’s all about what they see and how you make them feel.

Keep in mind how colors make people feel when deciding on colors for your website.

Check out this video to learn quick website tweaks for quick conversions:

Thanks for watching! Any questions about website traffic and conversions? If so, feel free to drop me a comment below and I’d love to help!

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