Where did the time fly? Here we are, sitting right on the brink of 4th QTR! This is a great time to do a store sweep. Year-end online store maintenance will help get your online shop cleaned up, prepped for 4th QTR selling and ringing in the New Year. I want to share some ways that I clean up my Shopify store and prepare for year-end!

4th QTR Preparation and Cleanup for Online Stores - Year-End Store Maintenance

4th QTR Preparation and Cleanup for Online Stores – Year-End Store Maintenance

1. Inventory Management

I skim through all of my products carefully. I search for products that haven’t sold during the entire year. Also, I look for seasonal items from seasons that have passed and remove them from my store.

2. No research, No Item!

I say, “NO” to random items that I really haven’t taken the time to research. I may have just added an item from distraction or just thinking the item would be something someone would buy without really rolling up my sleeves and completing a bit of research. Sometimes, you may add items from a “hunch” without really taking the steps to validate a product idea. No worries, we all do it from time to time.

3. Collection Control

My top producing Shopify store is a general store, so narrowing down my collections means I’m really being sure that they are niche specific. I want to be clear on my offerings and aim to attract passionate audiences. If my collections aren’t clear and niched down, these are ones that I can do away with.

4. APP Detox –

If you know me, you know I’m a bit of a Shopify App junkie. I love discovering new apps. They absolutely fascinate me, however, I simply don’t need every app in the app store. Now’s the time for me to eliminate the apps that I’m not using currently. It may be a challenge, but it’s worth it. No need to clutter my store or monthly bill with apps I don’t need.

5. Data is Your Friend –

This is a great time of year to buckle down and begin paying close attention to your store data and stats if you haven’t already. Take a look at the most frequently used search terms in your store. What are people looking for when they visit? Monitor your analytics. When you have visitors, where are they coming from? What are they leaving in their carts? Maybe it’s time to adjust some prices and add some collections that cater to what your customers are searching for.

Hope you gained some helpful tips you can use this 4th QTR! Even if you’ve missed completing these steps during 4th quarter, these tips can be applied any time throughout the year. They can also be applied to other selling-platforms as well. Store maintenance is needed often and this is a great place to start!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment below.

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Until next time,

Dallas Gordon