One of the main questions I get from students and clients is “how can I get more traffic to my website?” This is a common place for online business owners to get stuck. You’ve been running around jumping on and off of every social media platform and you still don’t seem to be bringing in the numbers you desire. You’ve got the perfect product, but how do you get those eyeballs on what you have? Traffic generation is the key to growing more brand/product awareness.

Have you begun questioning your product ideas or even your niche? If so, I can completely relate. I’ve done so many times. When things seem to not be progressing the way we imagined it’s only natural to second guess ourselves. Now, don’t get me wrong. Product research is super important, but most likely, it’s not your product.

3 Hot Online Traffic Generation Tips - How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Here are 3 hot traffic generation tips that will help grow your visitor numbers and get more eyes on your products/services:

1. Find your ideal customer ~ Increase Traffic to Your Website

Don’t expect that just because you’re in love with your product, it’s also something that your ideal customer will love. If your customer is not looking for that now, sadly, it may flop. You could possibly have a perfectly great product, but by placing it before a completely wrong audience.

2. Identify your traffic source(s) ~ Increase Traffic to Your Website

Where will you get your traffic? Will it be Instagram, Facebook or maybe even Pinterest? Abandoned carts and high bounce rates are completely normal for websites. It will most likely take a pretty good amount of traffic to convert sales. When determining a traffic source, pick no more than a couple to start. Begin with one and then add on as it’s important to diversify.

3. Stay consistent ~ Increase Traffic to Your Website

Make sure you’re home when people visit your website. Develop a social media marketing routine and strategy that works for you. Commit to a strategy, get the right information to succeed and track/measure results. Keep what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

Remember, one small action per day will make for huge results. Know your traffic sources inside and out, how they work and who uses them. Try different strategies, test and measure results and learn to switch it up when something isn’t working. Once you get the traffic you want, be sure your website is ready for visitors.

Don't become emotionally attached to the product. They come and go. It's either they win or they don't.

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