Today, I’m letting the cat out of the bag. 20 of the Quirkiest, Embarrassing and Most Interesting Fun Facts About Me.

Try to read this post with a serious face and please don’t judge me (just kidding:). This is a continuation of the countdown to my birthday, so I figured I’d continue to be transparent and share more about me.

So here we go: 20 of the Quirkiest, Embarrassing and Most Interesting Fun Facts About Me:

20 of the Quirkiest, Embarrassing and Most Interesting Fun Facts About Me

1. I’m an outgoing introvert:

Many find this hard to believe because many times I’m the life of the party or conversation. But in moments when I’m uncomfortable or unprepared for crowds, I can be quiet and withdrawn

2. I’m a part-time Cake Decorator & Part Planner:

I barely have time anymore, but when my kids birthdays come around or if I decide to do it by request, I must say I do show off. Check me out at That Girl Bakes.

3. I’m Silly about 90% of the time.

Those close to me know that I’m extremely silly and I love to laugh. I’m serious about 10% of the time. I’ve been that way since I was younger and this is the (one) youthful quality I’ve hung onto

4. I tickle my son, at least once a day:

let me explain:) My son is extremely ticklish and I get a kick out of him, the 15 year old, losing all control and balling up on the floor in laughter. It’s kind of my daily pick-me-up

5. I love to sing:

I used to lead worship at my dads church and went to college initially for music. I’m a pretty good singer but the introverted part of me hates being put on the spot. However, strangely I do well singing in front of crowds

6. The kids and I have dance offs:

a few times a week, we break out in dance offs. The room turns into a dance floor and we show off our best dance moves

7. I’ve never gone a day without praying since I could talk:

I’ve prayed every day of my life since very young and I truly believe it’s helped me to be the person I am. Prayer centers me and has gotten me through some of the toughest situations

8. I’ve never once taken out the trash ??‍♀️

9. I don’t like hearing the word, NO:

When I set my eyes or mind on something I want, I almost always get it, eventually

10. I cut the lawn once, and that was the day the lawn mower broke ??‍♀️

11. I’m terrified of hikes

12. I’m not a fan of crowds and do my best to avoid extremely crowded places

13. I’m frightened by bugs and rodents. I’ll just leave this right here

14. My Dad named me after a character in a book and not the football team

15. I’m only 5’2. Most people are taller than me

16. I’ve been an entrepreneur since my high school years

17. I wear my feelings on my sleeve and will cry at the drop of a hat:

I don’t cry often, but I will shed a tear during a movie or if I see someone is hurting. I also cry when I’m really happy for someone. On the flip-side, I tend to take things personally.

18. I’m can be a bit clumsy at times (especially after a martini)

19. My mind is always ticking:

sometimes I’m up all night thinking and writing down ideas because my mind is always going. I’m a big thinker

20. I’m a bit claustrophobic and don’t like corners:

I won’t take the seat closest to the wall in restaurants and I need plenty of breathing space at all times

I hope you enjoyed my quirky little list. If so, I invite you to clap it up, follow me and drop a comment below. Thanks for suffering through this reading:)


Dallas Gordon