The Art of Waiting – How to Have More Patience


Have you ever wondered why you easily get frustrated with traffic jams, long lines and when things don’t come when you want them? Obviously, these are natural stressors that happen every day but how do we manage them?

In today’s extremely automated world, it’s not surprising that we’re always rushing. So sometimes when we are made to wait, we are sent instantly in an uproar. However, if we learn the art of waiting, we’d be able to see the blessing that is often waiting just on the other side. Can we learn to be patient despite our distaste? It can be done if we begin practicing the art of waiting.

Here are some reasons why waiting is good for you:

1. Waiting sparks your growth. If you want to reach higher heights, waiting is a great teacher. Waiting teaches us patience and sparks growth and change.

2. Waiting changes perspective and opens your eyes. Sometimes, “waiting” hurts, but it can be timely. Often times, after having to wait, we realize that if we had received what we wanted one moment sooner, it would have been too early. Patience changes outcomes and perspectives.

3. When we wait, we learn more about what we “really” need. Oftentimes, when we ask, we don’t always know what we need. We just know we need something, so we just reach for anything. Waiting helps us realize that we will have exactly what we need in the very moment we need it.

4. Why are you rushing anyway? Is it because you’re comparing yourself to others? Comparison is one of the greatest ways to sabotage to your success. We don’t know the behind the scenes of someone else’s life or results look like. We shouldn’t envy others, as we weren’t created to carry their burdens.

5. It’s already done. Sometimes, when you don’t get what you ask for, that simply means something greater is coming. All though we can’t always physically see the blessing at hand, it doesn’t change that it’s already done and it’s written in stone. It’s destined to happen, we’ve just got to learn the art of patiently waiting.

In the process of waiting, maturity comes. At times, the answer isn’t “no”, it is “hold on”. Let’s learn to be patient and receive the bigger blessing that awaits.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.

Check out this video as I talk about the Art of Waiting and why it’s so important to practice patience:

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