What Clients are Saying:

Jamilah Corbitt,
Digital Consultant & CEO of i am a brand®️ (Advanced Traffic Strategy Client)

I had the privilege of working with Dallas to improve traffic and online sales. She helped develop my company’s email marketing strategy that resulted in 30% more traffic and sales within 2-weeks of implementation. Dallas is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of eCommerce and traffic generation, and I highly recommend her if you’re interested in skyrocketing your online sales.

Nakia Martineau,
Business Strategist (eCommerce One-On-One Student)

Dallas G the e-comm Cash Queen is passionate about e-commerce and seeing everyone succeed. She is an expert in this field and has coached and mentored me. I have see huge success from having a coach like Dallas (Nakia has crossed over 20K/month in Amazon Sales). I have also purchased her courses which have been instrumental in helping me succeed with my e-commerce businesses. Her Facebook Mastermind group is a great community in which Dallas G provides FREE valuable information to her community. I highly suggest anyone interested in e-commerce to connect with Dallas G.

Trace Zen,
Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher (Business Marketing Strategy Client)

Dallas is amazing! Always willing to go above and beyond! Dallas became my business coach right as my business needed focus! She is very thorough and her follow up helps you stay on track with your purpose! She’s always one step ahead of the game and carries her integrity and honesty into to her innovative, fast forward business adventures! Stick with Dallas if you are ready to take your business to the next level! She’s definitely one of a kind out here in the online business space! Thank you again, Dallas for helping me hit the ground running! Looking forward to so much more!

Robin Q

For the past 30 days I’ve been working with an awesome online marketing coach and the results have been mindblowing! if you desire to go further in your business and lack the skills to accomplish your goals, please consider working with Dallas Gordon. She is considerate, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable. When we met years ago, I never dreamed she would be so instrumental in helping me grow my businesses. I look forward to my weekly sessions with her because I know I will come away with something substantial to takr my businesses to the next level.

Ebone M

For a long time I’ve been selling jewerly online, and I made the mistake of trying to do everything myself, with absolutely NO HELP. I’m very thankful that I decided to speak up and ask for help, and Dallas has been helping me EVERY step of the way! There are things she’s helped with that I probably would have never figured out on my own, definetely recommend her to anyone who may need help growing theur business, she’s the bomb.com! Thanks, Dallas!

Silvia G

Today I just want to say thank you to Mrs Dallas Gordon for all the time and energy she gave into my shopify store, I have being struggle for a good period of time because I couldn’t fix the colors, the theme and a few more stuff in the store, but now my store looks so professional and attractive with all the changes she did, I am so blessed to have Dallas as a leader, coach and friend, I recommed her 100%, Dallas Gordon you are so special.

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