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7 Reasons You Haven’t Sold a Thing!

Hey there, eComm Rockstars! Happy Sunday to you:) Wanted to draft up this quick post on today because I know many are struggling with making their first sales on their own platforms or having a hard time sustaining any type of results. So you’ve created your own online store, made it look pretty, selected a […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 3 – It’s App Time

Hey there, eComm superstars! We are on the third step of our qtr 1 prep for Amazon! This can be used for ANY eComm business! If you want your 2017 to be successful, you definitely need to apply these tips to your business! I’m sure you don’t have all the time in the world to […]

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Top 5 Sourcing Spots

Hey there, biz friends! Want to get into eComm or already have an online store but don’t have any clue where to start sourcing products? This blog post contains a FREEBIE which is about TOP 5 PLACES to source online WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME! Sourcing is the process of finding suppliers of goods and services. It simply […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 2 – Narrow Down Your Plan

Hello, fellow Cash Army! After purging as the first step in prepping for QTR 1, we are going to start narrowing down our plans for our eCommerce business. As an entrepreneur, it is important for us to always think about our customers first. What do  they need at the moment? What are their likes? What are […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 1 – The Purge

Hey there, Cash Queens! I am going to talk about the first step of our Amazon Prep for QTR 1. Everybody talks about prepping for QTR 4, nobody talks about QTR 1. Some suggest to slow down, but for us go-getters, slowing down is never an option! What does it mean to purge? Anything that […]

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Online Arb Made Easy: Why You Need OA Xray

If you want to up your game in online arbitrage, OA Xray is the bomb! The name itself defines what it does, an xray for online arbitrage! How does it work? Easy! You just download the extension button so that you can access it easily on your Google Chrome browser, and then you go to websites […]

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