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Building Your Audience Like A Boss – Building an Online Presence Marketing

Building Your Audience Like A Boss -Growing an Online Presence Marketing

Have you ever felt like your audience isn’t growing quick enough? Have the business idea but you don’t have the audience to get started. In this article i will talk about “Building your Audience like a boss.” No matter what platform your business is on, it’s always a foundational step to find your audience of […]

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How to Change Shopify Shipping Settings?

Are you a Shopify seller who struggles with your store shipping settings? I know that it may be frustrating but I can assure you, it’s not as hard as it looks. Let’s take a quick dive into your Shopify settings and fix this problem so that you can focus where it really matters: getting traffic […]

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How to Protect Yourself Against Online Fraud?

Ways To Avoid Fraud

Have you ever been afraid of expanding your business for fear of fraud? Fraud comes in diverse forms and can happen to anyone at any time. Fraud can ruin your personal and/or business finances. Favorably, numerous business organizations have stringent measures and standards to help guard you against fraud. As online business and store owners, […]

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The Simple Pleasures

I’m still counting down to my big day (birthday) and I’m grateful to still be alive and kicking. As I sit and reflect back on the years that lead up to the present, I’m amazed at how much I’ve changed. When we are younger, many of us tend to see the world from a smaller […]

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Strange Funds

I love waking up to the smell of fresh funds in my PayPal account:) It’s a great start to the day! Better than my morning coffee ☕. These sales excite me, even more so when they’re “strange” (as I like to call them). I know you may be wondering, “what are strange funds?” I’m sure […]

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How to Increase Sales with Creative Bundling

Bundling is a great for presenting your offers creatively and often results in increased sales. Anytime you make shopping or the selling of information more convenient for customers, there’s a great chance of increasing the conversions on an offer. What is bundling? Bundling is when you combine products/services together to make one single product offering. Why […]

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How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift guides are a great way to convert sales during the holiday season. Creating a gift guide can be a direct, high-converting option for displaying your offers to potential customers . Holiday Gift guides can be created with an image, a blog post or by requesting to have products added to another high-authority site […]

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