3 Progress Killers that Sabotage Your Success & Productivity

Have you ever aimed to have that rockstar biz week? You planned to cross off all your goals… The weekend arrives and you find yourself standing directly in the same spot you were in at the start of the week? I’ve been there in the past. Running around with mommy duty, adding products, communicating with my team and more… At the end of a busy day, I’m left tired and disappointed as I realize I haven’t completed much of anything.

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How to Create Virtual Business Cards and Use Them to Build Brand Awareness Online and Offline

I recently attended a networking event and realized that I didn’t have business cards to exchange with my new connections. I do almost 100% of my work online, but while attending this local event I realized the importance of business cards and why they are a great tool to exchange business information. After the networking event, I began researching mobile tools that would allow me to easily share my business info from my smartphone moving forward.

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Cancun and Customer Service Excellence – My Mexico Experience

Cancun is a very beautiful place. I want to share with you my interesting story about my travels to Cancun, Mexico! During my visit there, I observed the excellent customer service my husband and I received.

I believe the Customer Should Always Come First, but not all businesses these days have their focus on understanding customer needs. Our aim should be to work in order to meet customer satisfaction which reduces complaints. There’s always a great opportunity to turn dissatisfied[...] Continue Reading

How to Sell More by Reading Your Shopify Dashboard

Shopify is an effective e-commerce platform that includes the tools you need to sell successfully online, on social media, or in person.

A great way to monitor your stores success, track results and gather suggestions is to read your Shopify Dashboard. I do this daily as it provides me with great information to increase sales. Watch this video to learn how to sell more, simply by reading your Shopify dashboard:

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