3 Reasons They Won’t Buy From You – How To Close A Sale


Sometimes people don’t want to buy from you and trust doing business with you because they don’t believe in what you’re selling. One of the keys to selling successfully is to adhere to the expectations of your ideal customer and ensure that your sincerity matches those expectations.

Keep in mind, when you are selling a product that there are plenty others in the marketplace that are selling the same types of products. Ask yourself: What is it that I’m offering that makes me stand out? What is it that will keep customers coming back for more?

Here are three reasons why people don’t buy from you:

1. You are not serious. You need to be well studied and versed in your knowledge so that you can serve as a valuable expert in your field. Have confidence in what you do and in what you offer. Know that you are the best in your field. When you’re serious about yourself, you show up to the fullest no matter what and no matter when. When you’re serious about yourself and your biz, others can sense that you are and will also take you seriously.

2. Your presentation is messy. Most times, you only have one shot to convert the sale. If you miss out on making the first impression the best one, the sale will go to another business owner. Open yourself up for improvements. Observe other businesses that seem to have what you desire and pattern yourself after them (while adding your own unique touch).

3. You don’t show up. Stop making excuses for yourself. Do what it takes to broadcast yourself to the world, whether it be through live video, or whatever else needs to be done to give your business the most visibility. Confidence is a huge part of letting people know you mean business, because if you don’t believe in yourself, people are not going to be confident in your offerings. No one else is going to believe in you if you don’t first believe in YOU.

Make yourself valuable. You are what makes your business special. Give them something they can’t do without. You don’t have to be perfect but don’t be afraid to take notice to the areas that you’re lacking in and invest in personal development and business coaching.

Get involved with a business that you enjoy doing and can be passion about.
Then, you’ll have no problem turning those passions into profits.

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