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Month: February 2017

Should I Upsell to My Customers?

Hey there, business owners! Are you busy building your empires? Today I’ve got some juicy nuggets that will help you work less and sell more! If upselling has been boggling you lately, let me help you clear that cloud of doubt out of your mind. In the post I’m going to help you decide if you […]

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What’s the Best eCommerce Solution?

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! This post is my personal recommendation for an eCommerce platform. I know there are a lot of different platforms out there and I tried almost all of them. And out of all that I’ve tried, Shopify is the best so far! So here’s a tip: when looking for a platform for your […]

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How I’m Earning Hundreds with Ebates


Hey there, go-getters! I have another stream of income I’ve been using and excited to share this with you! In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can get a portion of your cash back every time you shop online! Let me tell you… Before I learned about this, I wasn’t one […]

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How to Turn Your eComm Sales into Residual Income

Hello, Team Cash! Ever heard of eCommerce subscriptions? Most probably yes, right? Did you know that subscriptions can actually increase your profits? I’ve got something to share with you! An eCommerce subscription is an option wherein a retailer is willing to sell products to you repeatedly. Meaning a shopper can either purchase a product as a one-time order […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 5 – Develop a Routine

Hello Cash Army! We are finally on the last step of our Amazon Qtr 1 Prep. In this blog post, I am going to share the last step on what needs to be done during the first quarter of our Amazon prep to help us get through! Part of running a long-term business is developing a […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 4 – Survival Mode

Hey, army! We are on step 4 already! I really do hope you are religiously following the steps because if you don’t, I’m not sure how it’ll turn out if you miss to do a step. But anyway, in this blog post I am going to teach you the fourth step in our Amazon  Quarter […]

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7 Reasons You Haven’t Sold a Thing!

Hey there, eComm Rockstars! Happy Sunday to you:) Wanted to draft up this quick post on today because I know many are struggling with making their first sales on their own platforms or having a hard time sustaining any type of results. So you’ve created your own online store, made it look pretty, selected a […]

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