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My name is Dallas Gordon, eComm Business Coach & Marketing Success Strategist. I’m also a motivator, proud wife and mompreneur of 3. I have been using eCommerce business systems and other passive online income streams to create a life of freedom for over 8 years now. I coach and train others on how to create the same freedom lifestyle using online selling. I also help businesses online & offline to go viral, get visible and get bank.

eComm Coach & Marketing Strategist.

I went from hating my 9-5 to creating a life I love while running my own business from home!

Is This You?

Tired of someone else controlling your time? Tired of someone telling you when you can get off work to be there for your kids? Tired of working hard to build someone else’s empire when you have that burning desire to build your own!

You Got This!

Just know, you can do this! I went from shy to outspoken, depressed to happy and loving life! You can too and can do so without limits! Want to see how I’m doing it? I want to change over 150 lives this year and help them to embrace a life they love!

Let’s Connect!

Communication is key on building successful ties. When I started out in the world of eCommerce & online business I was an island all off to myself. I made many mistakes along the way and much of that was because I didn’t have anyone leading the way. I won’t let that happen to you! Let’s start by connecting below so that you can get EXCLUSIVE access to FREE trainings & more tools to help you 10x your online business like the BOSS you are!

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